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Import Regulations

 Rules/Understanding Our Imports

As a Junker Dealership, we are not able to import exotic or rare vehicles. We specialise in importing simple, broken, salvage title vehicles from a rusty-old Ford F150 to a used BMW E36 M3, that are in the United States and not newer than year 2007.

By the laws set in SA, Los Santos, vehicles that are banned from imports are as follow:

  • Vehicles that are banned by NHTSA officially (;
  • Ultra-rare cars (1 out of 25, 1 out of 50, etc.);
  • Hypercars that exceed 285 KM/H;
  • Pre-modified vehicles;
  • All foreign vehicles that are NOT in the United States;
  • All Kawasaki Ninja H2’s & H2R’s;
  • All Nissan R35 GT-R’s;
  • All Nissan Skyline R32’s;
  • All Challenger Hellcat’s;
  • All Charger Hellcat’s;
  • Only Mark IV Toyota Supra’s.


All imports processed through A1 Automotive are taxed with added fees by the following guidelines.

If the vehicle price is:

  • $0 – $5’000 – We add a 50% Fee to the value of the vehicle.
  • $5’000 – $10’000 – We add a 40% Fee to the value of the vehicle.
  • $10’000 – $15’000 – We add a 30% Fee to the value of the vehicle.
  • $15’000 – $20’000 – We add a 20% Fee to the value of the vehicle.
  • $20’000 and Over – We add a 15% Fee to the Value of the vehicle.

Legal Agreement

By submitting and signing the Import Request, you Legally Agree to pay the full price (with fees included) for the vehicle you had requested prior to the import day with a chance to still cancel or change it. If the vehicle has not been paid for with 48 hours (2 days) remaining until the requisition day (1st or 15th of each month), you are NOT eligible to cancel or change your order. Failing to pay for the vehicle when it had arrived, you agree to face legal action taken against you if refuse to resolve the issue with A1 Automotive representitives. Avoiding collection and/or payment by ignoring A1 Automotive representitives, you will be temporarily blacklisted from using our services depending on the situation w/ possible legal action taken against you.

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